My professional roots are in general practice however I now have a portfolio career with clinical GP work, coaching, appraising, appraisal team leadership and a medico-political role all playing a part in how I spend my working week. It was my own experience of being coached that first drew me to coaching.

I have been a GP in West Berkshire since finishing the Reading Vocational Training Scheme in 1997. I spent my earlier years as a GP juggling a career with caring for a young family. With the advent of GP appraisals, I had the great fortune to have an appraiser who was also a coach. At the time I was under professional strain and I felt the positive power of coaching firsthand. I ended up so enthusiastic about both appraising and coaching that I trained also. I have been appraising since 2008 and a senior appraiser since 2011. I passed my ILM level 7 in leadership coaching in 2013 and am delighted to be coaching with the PSU.