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Past events:

Regional Anaesthetics ‘Survive and Thrive’ Day – Friday 14th June 2019, Postgraduate Medical Centre, John Radcliffe Hospital

With the Professional Support Unit and Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre

Download the information on this page here (PDF).

  Session Time Who
1 Welcome and Introduction 09:00 SM/HV
2 Asking for Help 09:15 RS
3 Vulnerability as Strength 09:45 AM
BREAK 10:30
4 Know Thyself 10:45 JG
LUNCH (45 minutes) 12:15
5 Practical Strategies (Lisa Palmer and Rachel Manser, OCTC) 13:00 LP/RM
BREAK (15 minutes)
6 Practical Strategies (Lisa Palmer and Rachel Manser, OCTC) LP/RM
7 Closing remarks 15:45 SM/HV

Morning sessions: Know thyself and what can trigger stress

Introduction and Welcome – Dr Sara McDouall, College Tutor and Dr Haido Vlachos, Associate Dean for Professional Support.

Asking for Help – Dr Richard Stevens, Associate Director of PSU

Group Activity- why/when/permission to ask for help; Signposting

Vulnerability as Strength:  Dr Abigail Macleod, RBH

Know Thyself – Jenny Gavriel, PSU Coach

Using the Myers Briggs Framework to understand personal preferences and how these relate to your work environment. Exploring positive psychological principles to identify possible strategies to improve well-being.

  • MBTI introduction
  • VIA- identifying individual strengths

Afternoon Session:

How to survive and thrive using CBT principles and techniques in a challenging environment

Rachel Manser and Lisa Palmer, Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre

Experiential workshop introducing participants to ways of understanding themselves using a CBT model.  The workshop will aim to give experiences of learning to recognise and work differently with unhelpful ways of thinking and coping in challenging situations.

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