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NHS Staff Psychological Wellbeing Guidance

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NHS launches a mental wellbeing support package


We have talked a lot about increasing the NHS front line workforce over the last couple of weeks, and there is more below about that, but are also committed to working with others to supporting the wellbeing of those front line staff which is why HEE is fully supporting an NHS mental wellbeing support package. These measures will support the NHS’ 1.4 million staff as they help people deal with the pressures faced every day during this global health pandemic.

Simon Gregory, Deputy Medical Director, and health and wellbeing champion said, “I encourage everyone to make full use of these professional resources. It is vital colleagues feel supported and that employers have the right procedures in place to offer all the help that may be needed. This offer directly links into our mental wellbeing commission that found Doctors, Nurses, AHPs and other health professionals can face increased pressure, with complaints, fear of investigation, blame or even prosecution. Stress and burnout can significantly affect patient safety. The mental wellbeing of staff contributes positively to patient care and so a support package has come at a vital time when the NHS is faced with the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The NHS has been working closely with charities such as Samaritans and Hospice UK to deliver this support and has also partnered with Headspace, UnMind and Big Health to offer a suite of apps for no charge to assist staff with their mental health.

Support Group for Doctors

A local group of psychiatry trainees are facilitating online supportive groups for trainee doctors at who are affected by Covid-19, professionally and/or personally. Groups are online for 45 minutes STARTING THURSDAY 26TH MARCH and are an opportunity to reflect on individual and collective experiences and to make sense of psychological responses. All trainees welcome. More sessions will be advertised week by week.

Please click https://calendly.com/covidsupportgroup for further information and to sign up or email Dr Sophie Behrman on covidreflectivegroup@gmail.com

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Mindfulness Training

Oxford Mindfulness are running Mindfulness Training online and at no cost. Please click on the following link:


MindEd Resilience Tools

Helping frontline staff in the NHS and care serves manage your own mental health and wellbeing, whilst looking after other during the Covid-19 crisis.

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