Christmas Update

Please find here a letter of support to all our trainees from issued on 21 December 2020 from the Postgraduate Dean and Trainee Advisory Committee Chair/Deputy Chair

Trainee Wellbeing

In addition to our usual coaching services, we want to offer an opportunity of a safe space for  confidential reflection for trainees who are really struggling to process the impact of Covid-19. This will be open to all trainees (although frontline medics have priority). We will accept all self-referrals, via an informative email to the confidential PSU Inbox which is monitored daily.

This will not be formal coaching, nor therapy (Medic Support can help with that
It can be an opportunity to talk through worries, reflect and for the coaches to offer appropriate signposting advice where necessary.

We will offer up to 6 sessions (depending on need). Sessions can be delivered face to face or via skype or telephone.

Survive and Thrive Wellbeing Programme

We have come to the end of our Survive and Thrive (SAT) Wellbeing Pilot Programme.  Over the last 14 months, we have run 5 days across Trusts and Schools in different formats.  The triangulated feedback from trainees, both who attended and via the TAC, for this programme and the initiative has been overwhelmingly positive. The Pilot has also been mentioned positively in dispatches at HETV Quality Committee reviews, with a recommendation to offer across the region.

HETV PSU are pleased to be able to fund a maximum of 24 days over a year across all schemes, with a maximum of 20 ppl per day. This is a whole day programme, looking at what promotes general wellbeing and exploring one’s preferred way of responding to challenging situations in the morning. The afternoon sessions are experiential workshops facilitated by psychologists focussed on how to survive and thrive using CBT principles and techniques in a challenging environment. The workshop will aim to give experiences of learning to recognise and work differently using more helpful ways of thinking and coping in challenging situations, systems and interactions with others, and has been the unique offer of this programme.

TPD’s/HoS can access these for their trainees on a first come first served basis. For each session, the TPD/HoS trainee rep will be invited to identify what the particular concerns around working in that specialism are to inform in detail the afternoon workshops.

DME’s can also access this programme for their staff (not just trainees) but there will be a charge to the trusts for this.

Expressions of interest by email to 

Please allow a 3-month lead-in to act on Covid-19 advice as it evolves and to coordinate multiple facilitators and venues