Academic Trainees

Following extensive communications with our NHS partners, University colleagues and National bodies, we wish to provide some clarity, information and reassurance that ALL members of our clinical academic staff (including Junior Doctors and ACLs) who are asked or agree to provide additional contributions to the NHS will continue to be paid via the University. Any costs and/or additional payments due will be dealt with retrospectively.

For those staff with an honorary contract with OUHT the contract will be used to facilitate:

  1. Those providing an additional contribution beyond their current and existing NHS contributions will continue to be paid by the University of Oxford and reimbursement for costs beyond the current clinical activities in the job plan will be recharged to the NHS retrospectively.
  2. Those providing additional work (overtime and extra hours (plus locum shifts) beyond the total PAs in their job plan will also be paid by the University of Oxford, and the additional costs will be reimbursed retrospectively.

For those staff who hold an honorary contract with another Trust the same principles will apply. In these cases, departments will need to liaise with the appropriate Trust staff to ensure that arrangements can be put in place as above.

This will require good record keeping by all and all extra work must be formally agreed with the NHS. Please give reassurance to all affected staff that we will leave their current pay as it currently is and make adjustments retrospectively.  These arrangements will have no detrimental impact on pension payments and/or service.  There were some unnecessary worries that we would ask staff to resign their University contracts and to re-join the NHS. This is not the case.

FAQs for Clinical Academics

  1. I am a Consultant and have been called to work clinically full-time. What will happen to my contract?
    • You will continue to be employed and paid by the University. You can increase your clinical work under your existing honorary contract, with amendments to the joint job plan
  2. I am a Clinical Academic Trainee and have been called back to full time clinical work. What will happen to my pay?
    • Please be assured that you will remain an employee of the university and will therefore be paid via the university. All clinical work will be re-charged to the relevant NHS Trust
  3. I have been asked to work additional (locum) shifts on top of my usual clinical hours. How will I be paid for these?
    • You will be paid for any additional clinical work you undertake. Please keep a note of all additional hours worked and these will be paid to you retrospectively and re-charged to the relevant NHS Trust.
  4. What will happen to the funding for my academic research?
    • All main funders of medical research, including the Wellcome Trust, NIHR and Cancer Research UK, have come together to form a joint statement in support of clinical academics returning to clinical practice during the current crisis. The statement can be found at
  5. Will my academic research still be subject to review during this time?
    • If you are working clinically full-time, any research deadlines and/or reviews will be paused during this time. ARCPs will continue and you will need to complete your academic progress form albeit with information about having returned to clinical work and any academic time lost

The BMA has published guidance for its members on issues related to the coronavirus, which can be found at

The University has circulated helpful guidance to those registered students who are OOPR, a series of FAQs are available at and has its own paperwork for people to log any deleterious effects on their studies (attached).

There is useful information on the Royal College of Physicians website and associated links at

If you have any further questions about academic training, please contact OUCAGS on