_Home is currently set to the home page
_Welcome is the original enfold page, with a nice banner.

Copy/paste from existing site into html editor on pages works pretty well – a quick win

Have set up 3 menus – the one in sidebar *does* render vertically 🙂

Main and secondary menus are reversed – we could sort that out but no big deal I think

The main font colour has been set to CDU dark blue

Some styles set in custom css area – no changes to files so far.

Permalinks stopped working at some point so reverted to numeric uri – needs fixing
(Sorted, but need to add more  stuff to .htaccess., e.g. rewrites)

All pages from old home page should have at least a skeleton now

Footer content needs attention – managed in widgets

The coaching team link shows what many tabs looks like – we need 17 FWIR. Need to remove excerpt from each display – this appears to be an issue on cfl too.

Enfold sample pages have been moved out of the way for now.